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Founded by power engineering graduates in 1984, sigma trans
Co. is designed to produce the electrical and electronic components for lighting industry. We offer a comprehensive range of quality magnetic ballasts, low voltage decrescent transformers and solenoids. We started from a small 12 sq.m workshop located on the 2nd floor of a building in Tabriz, IRAN and continued to produce the U.P.S., low voltage transformers, & chargers until 1986. From 1986, with new combination of stockholders & a pre-tested program for producing of magnetic ballasts for fluorescent lamps.
 The sigma trans  Co. has been went into the modern &
 successful step. This year, we bought a big factory place in one of Tabriz Industrial Zones and established the production halls & office departments. 


At the beginning of activity we were able to produce 90000 per year Low voltage decrescent transformers and 250000 per year fluorescent's ballasts. After development plan, there are a remarkable grow in our production capacity. Now, we are manufacturing high quality products as below :

 a) The fluorescent's ballasts, quantities 800000 per year.
 b) The ballasts for high-pressure mercury, sodium and metal halide  vapor lamps, quantities 70000 per year.
 c) Low voltage transformers quantities 90000 per year. 

Our specializes in ballasts and lighting electronics are used by major Iranian companies involved in lighting industry and some Asian and European markets. 

We are interested in developing our production facilities and exploit new technologies to supply growing market of electrical components.

Also we are going to make another plan in the near future so as to production of universal Electro motors. 

Award Certification

award certification

In sigma trans  Co. we are working hard to ensure that 
 technically specifications of our products which are compatible with the standards set down in different countries. we have gotten the International iISO9002 standard from German RWTUV cert and has done some primary measurements for getting the CE. It will be the main key of sharing
sigma trans quality with European electrical companies. 



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